The ‘Cleanest Place on Earth’ Should be a Little ‘Happier.’

I visited Disneyland this weekend (yes, you read that right, this weekend).  I know it is the worst time to visit any amusement park, especially Disneyland, but it was a ‘visit the family’ trip, so the weekend it is…

For a company who’s mission statement is “To Make People Happy,” the ride attendants should try a little harder.  Let’s just say they weren’t the ‘happiest people,’ period.  Now the charactors (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy), were a different story all togehter – now those things are happy!

But for a company who preaches a “fanatical attention to detail,” it really needs to transcend the rides and decor. The rides made me ‘happy.’ The decor made me ‘happy.’  The people on the other hand… It needs to translate down to the people.  They simply weren’t all that friendly.  And when you promise the customer that you’re going to ‘make them happy,’ it has to be at every touch point, not just the joy of the ‘ride.’  The attendants at California Screamin’ were more interested in each other than any of their passengers.  And the woman who was screaming her script into the microphone while we were on our boat safari, was simply annoying.  She was loud, shrieking and obnoxious. Again, a company needs to live its brand promise.  And I doubt their brand promise includes annoyingly loud 20-somethings screaming into microphones with a scripted laugh that was anything but natural. 

Now for the real ‘dirt.’  To be honest, there really wasn’t that much of it.  There were thousands and thousands of people at Disneyland, and I don’t think I saw one piece of trash on the ground.  They really kept the park amazingly clean.  For a company that caters to kids (big and small alike), you have to put the parents at ease.  And a clean park, makes you feel as though it’s a safe park.  And for parents (me being a new parent of a four month old), safety is paramount. So, if they would spend as much time training their ‘cast’ as they do their janitors, I think we would have truly enjoyed what really should be the ‘happiest place on earth.’

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