The importance of diversifying your team

Brands and businesses alike are always looking for ways to stay relevant in their ever-changing industries. When it comes to marketing and advertising, much like in a newsroom, it is important to stay ahead of the curve by diversifying your team to bring in fresh ideas.

Consider this: have you ever seen a campaign where the information went over your head? The way consumers digest media differs depending on variables such as their age, location, education, and countless other factors. If every member on a team is like-minded and from equivocal backgrounds with similar experiences, out-of-the-box campaigns will be nearly impossible to create. Having a multi-faceted team where individuals possess unique attributes can lead to different perspectives and more well-rounded ideas.

Often times at Merlot Marketing when our eclectic team comes together, the ideas manifested during creative sessions lead to some of our most brilliant ideas.

Check out this eye-opening article by Poynter for further insight into the value of having a diversified team.

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