The importance of social media and your brand.

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A lot of companies simply do not ‘get’ social media. Executives ask, what can it really do for my brand? Although it doesn’t always work quite this well for every brand, this VIDEO does make a great point. Social media provides a platform for companies to connect with their target audience. Not through an ad or an article, but through meaningful relationships they have online and in person. Yes, the two worlds are merging and companies that capitalize on it will win. And those that don’t?  Well, the word relevancy comes to mind.  Just how relevant will your brand be in say, three, five or 10 years from now?

Many companies think that as long as they are not blogging, commenting, tweeting or friending, then conversations about them aren’t happening.  Well let me tell you, the conversation is happening about you whether you want it to or not. So, shouldn’t you join the ‘conversation’ so you have some say about your ‘blank?’ About your brand?  There are a lot of “Dave’s” out there, shouldn’t you introduce yourself? Say hello? Answer a question? Thank them for their business? You can do all of those things via social media.  The paradigm has shifted, so it’s time to change your game plan. Video source: 22squared.

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