The Top 3 Reasons We Love Pinterest’s Revised Analytics (And Why You Should Love Them, Too)

Here at Merlot Marketing, we are all about building relationships with our clients, colleagues, and community members. So, when social media platforms release new analytics that promise to make that job easier on us, we get a little giddy.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Pinterest recently rolled out its new-and-improved analytics tools. We spent last week geeking out over the tables, charts, and pie graphs. We then sat around our Red Room conference table on Friday and tried to nail down why exactly we’re so pleased with Pinterest. While there are always potential impressions to estimate, and real impressions to add up, these analytics are awesome because they speak to a bigger picture and support a longer term social media strategy. Here’s why:

1. They help you tell a better story. Social media strategist and marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuck, tells us that social media platforms are a place to tell stories and build communities. Modern social media marketing strategists know this, and this methodology is generally accepted as truth. But, how to do that? Thanks to the new Pinterest analytics, this just got a little easier. By navigating to Analytics > Your Audience > Interests, you will find a list of your audience’s top interests.

Pinterest analytics

Pinterest Audience Interests

This is based on other items they’re pinning. This means you can begin to craft new boards, or “stories”, based on what your followers find interesting. Do they love luxury brands? Create your own board with luxury items, and pepper in some of your own luxury campaigns and client work. Does your audience love inspirational quotes? Be sure to add some that follow each board’s theme.

2. They help us give our followers what they want, when they want it. Once we start crafting better stories, we can also use the new Pinterest analytics tools to disseminate the information at the most strategic time and day possible. By visiting Analytics > Your Pinterest Profile > Impressions, you can view which pins and boards are getting the most engagement. You can also view the days and times that see the most action.


Pinterest Engagement Analytics

This can help you devise a dissemination strategy. Keep that new board — filled with pins that meet your audience’s core interests — private until the most optimal time to make it public. Just remember that once you make a private board public, you can’t make it private again. Often, this is on weekends and during evening hours since Pinterest is a platform where people go to find inspiration, to dream, and to plan.

3. They help us reach a wider audience of potential followers. One of the greatest and most helpful tools is the “Power Pins” suggested search terms that you can find by visiting Analytics > Your Pinterest Profile > All-Time. This tool shows your most popular pins of all time. Helpful, yes. But what’s even more helpful is that Pinterest takes it one step further by showing you similar pins that have a wider reach. These are called “Best in Search” and “Power Pins.”

Pinterest Analytics Power Pins

Pinterest Analytics Power Pins

Strategically, you can review the pins and determine what makes a pin easier to search and find, and what makes one so popular. For example, does the pinner use hashtagging? Does he or she pin really compelling images? Is the text optimized? By reviewing all this data, you can begin to incorporate those practices into your own pinboards, and potentially begin to reach a wider audience.

Social media strategy isn’t an exact science, we all know that. Still, as platforms such as Pinterest roll out new and improved analytics tools, we can continue to tell better stories and to build communities with engaged, active audiences.

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