Top 3 Best and Worst Super Bowl 2017 Ads

It seems everyone is an expert when it comes to critiquing Super Bowl ads, but since this is literally our business, our team couldn’t help but throw our hats in the ring. Here are our picks for the best and worst ads from this year’s Super Bowl:


KIA with Melissa McCarthy: With all the politically charged ads, this one was refreshing because it was simply humorous. The parents on our team liked that it appeals to all ages of consumers and that it’s something we didn’t hesitate showing our children. Not to mention, it is a marketing win. Everyone knows that cars impact the environment, but Kia entices environmentally conscientious consumers by making them feel good about choosing a car with a lower carbon footprint.

Avocados from Mexico Secret Society: This ad was relevant, on point, and just really, really funny. There were no bells and whistles, no explosions and no crazy CGI. Instead, it used great dialogue to drive the spot. Mexican-anything could have been a trigger for some sort of political statement, but this ad took the high road and simply made us laugh. Not to mention that not-so-subtle use of subliminal Jon Lovitz messaging had us all craving guacamole.

Bai with Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken: Justin Timberlake is a master of comedy. He doesn’t say a word, but he doesn’t have to because his face does all the talking. Plus, the use of N’Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” song to share the phonetic pronunciation of “Bai” products is rather genius marketing.


Skittles Romance: Our team agrees that this one started out well, but then went south really quickly. They were trying for humor, but the ad ended up being too random. If they had cut the commercial after “Sarah” caught her third Skittle it likely would have resonated better with consumers.

Yellow Tail Wine: Our team – and probably the whole world – agrees that this one was a miss. Not only did it turn an entire continent into a joke, but it was disjointed, sexist and poorly produced. Sorry, Yellowtail – we love wine, but not your wine marketing.

Sexy Mr. Clean: Oh boy, what to say about this one? Our team felt dirtier after watching it, which is literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to feel after using cleansers. The ad itself was awkward and uncomfortable, and after one view, unwatchable. Though, to be clear — the women in our office do not disagree that men who clean are more attractive than those who don’t, but Mr. Clean should consult Justin Timberlake to get his “sexy back.”


Cards Against Humanity’s Potato: Half of our team, knowing the brand, think it was brilliant. The other half found it a step too far and a complete waste of time.
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