Top 3 Handcrafted Trends from #ADDS2017

Our team had boots on the ground at this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. With so many amazing products to ogle, we focused our attention on one of the hottest trends in design today: handcrafted products. That’s right. Luxury homeowners and designers are getting nostalgic and returning to the days when talented, passionate artisans created products that will last a lifetime.

Here are our top three handmade trends from this year’s show.



Our team was so impressed by the workmanship and funky, eclectic-chic furniture offered by The New Traditionalists. Headquartered in the greater New York area, this company takes traditional to new heights (hence, the name). We were especially inspired by the unique mix of textures and patterns that you simply can’t find anywhere else, and awed by the love they put into hand-tufting their club chairs.

We wanted to take EVERYTHING home with us. The red chair featured here absolutely belongs in Merlot’s conference room.




We couldn’t help but be lit up by the impressive display put on by Bevolo. This New Orleans-based gas and electric lighting company had an actual artisan hammering metal and creating beautiful fixtures. It didn’t hurt that he was a fantastic host and explained every step of the process. Once we took a look at the beautiful finished product, we were instantly transported to a dark, foggy evening in Louisiana — the only light coming from one perfectly designed streetlight. Romantic? You bet.




If you didn’t know, our team is attracted to shiny objects. That’s why we spent so much time in the Artisan Kraft booth admiring beautiful hand-hammered copper tubs and sinks. Like a gemologist who cuts a diamond so that it sparkles, the artisans who create these tubs and sinks hit the copper thousands of times so that each product practically radiates light. www.artisankraftfireplaces/copper-bath-tubs


From cocktails to letterpress stationery, we love “everything handcrafted.”  Share your favorites with us on social  – Tag @MerlotMarketing and use #handcrafted.  We can’t wait to see it!

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