Turn on your computer and ‘let the games begins.’

Like most of you, I work.  A lot! So, enjoying the Olympic Games has to be on my time.  I have been enjoying Michael Phelps from the start.  His talent, determination, hard work, success (and yes, even his physique), have been an absolute joy to watch. Yet, if it wasn’t for the Web and social media, I’d be missing the games.  Web 2.0 is truly changing the way we do business as marketers. Why? Because it’s changing our behavior as consumers.  I know that no matter what happens in the Olympics, I really won’t miss it.  In the past, to enjoy the thrill of broken world records and visual emotion that could literally move one to tears had to be viewed in the moment, unless you’d miss out on the passion, details, nuances and excitement. 

Phelps celebrating more gold in the 4x100 relay.

Phelps celebrating more gold in the 4x100 relay.


I was driving home from San Francisco with a couple of Merlot team members and got in a conversation about Michael Phelps.  One of them mentioned the 100 relay (that I wanted to watch, but missed) and said it was amazing.  She said that everything from Jason Lezak, who literally seemed to add a motor to his feet in the last leg of the race, to watching every muscle in Michael Phelps’ body ripple with intense excitement from the win, was an incredible event that I just had to see.  So, she emailed me the link  (You’re welcome. Enjoy!), and yes, she was right, it was seriously one of the most exciting things I have ever watched. I have watched it at least three or four times.  The athleticism, the intensity, the overall excitement of American’s seizing the win was absolutely amazing!  So something that would be inaccessible after the event to most, is now accessible to all.  And whatever endorsements Michael Phelps would have had in previous years of TV-only coverage, should and will be ten-fold given the power of the Web.  Blogs, Twitter, the entire realm of social media is here to stay.  We as marketers need to embrace it, use it, and capitalize on it, because change provides us the opportunity to evolve.  And evolve we must, especially as marketers, in order to capitalize on all the opportunity that lies at our fingertips, literally.  We have had clients that question social media and their need to participate, and although true, not every company should, they are few and far between.  If you have something worth talking about, you better start talking.  I mean, blogging, Twittering… 

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