Twitter gets serious with tweets heard around the world

What is Twitter? I don’t get it. It doesn’t make sense. Why do people waste their time? These are common comments I hear regarding the micro-blogging website. 

So what is Twitter? Well it’s far more than a micro-blogging site for friends and family.  It’s become a hit among celebrities, marketers and businesses.  News stories are breaking not through CNN or Fox News, but through ‘tweets.’  When U.S. Airways Flight 1549 went down in the Hudson, it wasn’t reporters breaking the news, it was individuals, both on the flight and on nearby ferries feeding details to ‘followers‘ who then shared it with the media.  And now, just as people begin to question the legitimacy of Twitter (after all, 60% of Twitter users fail to return after a month), we are receiving first-hand reports from Iranian protesters about what is happening on the ground in real time.  So, is Twitter anything more than a waste of time? Try plugging in the search term #IranElection.  On Monday evening (06/15/09), Twitter was registering about 30 new posts a minute with that tag. Stilll Thirsty…? 

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