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The best advice for increasing Twitter engagement from our favorite PR and social media professionals.

When it comes to social media marketing, there is no shortage of so-called “experts” offering advice. Often, this advice is conflicting and it can be hard to weed through the generic to find true nuggets of wisdom. That’s why this week we decided to conduct a little social (media) experiment. We took to Twitter and asked our favorite PR and social media pros to share their knowledge.

This week’s question: What’s your best piece of advice to help others increase #Twitter engagement?

Here are some of the great responses we received:

“When possible, include a photo with your tweet. Image-driven posts often get more engagement.” – Sonya Sorich, Social Engagement Manager and Retail Reporter for Sacramento Business Journal 

“Maintain your professionalism – a tweet lasts forever.” –Debi Hammond, CEO Merlot Marketing

“Check trending hashtags & if they work with your brand, use it! But be aware, do your research to avoid a faux pas!”


“Be personable. Twitter is for one on one interactions. It’s conversational.” – Luis D. Sosa, Communications Associate at Sacramento Region Community Foundation

“Search and filter based on area of interest. Engage in conversations.” – Jeff Marmins, Modern Digital Business Sales Expert

“Keep tweets to 100 characters to encourage RT & comments.” Patrick Storm, Director of Communications at Merlot Marketing

“Participate in Twitter Q&As. You’re one RT, @ reply or follow away from the next connection.” – Rich from @CafeFineArt

“Respond to every mention, positive or negative. In a timely fashion. People need to know they’re being heard!” –Bob Moriarty, Social Media Professional

“Seems like low-hanging fruit but if you want someone to see your message @ tag them. That way you’re in the notifications.” – Beth Wenbourne Katz, Digital Engagement Manager at Merlot Marketing

Thank you to all the #SocialMediaMarketing pros who shared your wisdom!

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