Unwrapping the Future: Merlot’s Top AI Resources for Creatives 🎁

Did you notice anything funky in our 2023 holiday card? That’s probably because we designed it using AI (artificial intelligence) tools!

While we are big fans of generative AI here at Merlot, it’s safe to say it’s still a work in progress and when it comes to the important stuff, nothing quite compares to the power of the human touch. Looking ahead, 64% of businesses believe that AI will increase their overall productivity, meaning the incorporation of AI tools in the workplace is inevitable. The good news is, when incorporated wisely, there is a whole new world of innovation to unlock!

Whether you’re just testing the AI waters or already diving in and making it happen, we’ve gathered out top AI resources for marketers this holid.AI season. Explore the list of our favorite AI tools below!


  • ChatGPT – copywriting
  • Jasper AI  – copywriting with templates for various applications
  • Notion AI – copywriting via notes based platform
  • Surfer SEO – SEO focused content writing


  • Dall-E – text-based prompts for artwork
  • Midjourney – unique artwork and illustrations (discord channel, feed based)
  • Jasper AI – also image-based
  • Albert.ai – for digital advertising
  • D-ID – for creating training videos





Happy experimenting to all, and to all a good night!


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