Video is your secret marketing weapon

As a marketing tool, it can be effective and easy to use
Published October 16, 2015 in the Sacramento Business Journal

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is pretty close to priceless. Every business owner wants to tell their story in a better, more engaging and compelling way. And video can help you do just that.

So just how powerful is video? Behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The site garners more than 1 billion unique monthly visitors; one out of every two Internet users visits YouTube.

Facebook, a company that obviously has its finger on the pulse of consumers, now allows subscribers to post personalized 7-second videos in place of static profile pictures. Facebook understands the power of video and continues to find ways to capitalize on it.

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Whether for business or entertainment, video continues to grow at a rapid pace. So how can you incorporate more video into your marketing efforts? Start by grabbing your smartphone and hitting “Record.”

Better yet, hire a professional to help you not only shoot a great video, but to better capture your brand narrative in a clear, concise and compelling way. Not sure what to shoot? Here are few ideas to help get you started:

Behind the scenes  Show your target audience a little of the magic behind your brand. People love seeing the more authentic side to you and your brand.

Tips and how-tos  These videos are great for search engine optimization. Consumers love how-to videos. But remember, it’s not just about you. Make your video appeal to a broader audience by providing tips that are truly beneficial to them by going beyond your specific product or service.

Customer testimonials  Yes, these have been done before, but they work. Give the tried-and-true testimonial a 21st century make-over with video. Also, by utilizing video, the testimonial will seem more authentic and personal.

About us  Instead of writing a novel about who you are and what you do, why not give your audience a shorter more compelling version via video. You can share more about you and your business in a more personal and meaningful way. Try to distill your message to its core truths. Think of it as a 30-second commercial about you or your company. The shorter, the better.

Ambient video  If you’re a little shy and would rather not have to talk at all, then shoot some ambient video for your website. You can shoot in-office activities, behind the counter, in the manufacturing facility. Whatever your business is or does, there is something that can be shot interestingly enough to use as background visual movement for your website or social platforms.

Now that you’ve shot your video, be sure to post it. When posting to YouTube, incorporate keywords that are searchable and meaningful to your business. And don’t stop there. Almost every social media platform today is incorporating video, so determine which platforms make the most strategic sense for you and your business and be sure to share your video there.

According to eMarketer, the average U.S. adult spends 5.5 hours each day viewing video content. If you want more time in front of your target audience, it’s time to push the record button.

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