Wait…I’m not supposed to aim for the boat?

I recently saw the super-anti-hero movie Hancock this weekend and I have to say, it was pretty funny. To promote the movie in Europe, an interactive banner-ad game ran online where you get points by throwing whales back into the ocean(this is a scene from the movie). I thought this was a creative and effective way to use an online banner ad. Research has shown that if you can get your audience to interact with your product and/or ad, they are more likely to remember it and take action. It obviously caught my attention because I spent several minutes trying to accumulate points and then passed it along to those I thought might be interested. So here, I pass it along to you: Hancock Whale Toss.

Note: if you hit a boat, you lose points. In my opinion, it shows your target skills and you should get more points. Test it out and aim for the boats…it’s more entertaining that way.

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