What are The Key Behaviors of Top Social Media Influencers?

What key traits make up a successful social media influencer?   Forbes lists them as the following:

#1. Being active in a large number of channels

#2. Creating and maintaining a high quality network

#3. Frequency of participation

Social media is social after all, which means you need to get intimately involved, engaged and well connected. See entire article here.

So just who are the top social media influencers? According to Forbes, they include:

Name                                    Total Audience (Followers)

Chris Brogan 193,999

Ann Handley 111,619

Gary Vaynerchuk 906,833

Robert Scoble 220,062

Scott Stratten 108,497

Reg Saddler 151,673

Jason Falls 45,859

Scott Monty 63,436

Mari Smith 127,973

Pam Moore 66,618

I’ve included only the total follower numbers, but PeekAnalytics measures not only the size of the consumer audience, but their quality in terms of their network size, social participation and their ability to spread a message further. Thus, the table summarizes pull, total audience, identified consumer count, and consumer ratio.

And one of my favorites, for obvious reasons… Gary Vaynerchuk

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