What ‘the can’ can do for your brand.

The bar at Crush 29

The bar at Crush 29

Eating out at a nice restaurant goes beyond the food.  It’s about the service, the wine list, the table, the chairs, and most importantly, the toilets.  Yes, the toilets.  The bathrooms at a restaurant tell me more about the place than almost anything else.   Fine dining, for me anyway, is about the overall experience.  The experience that will position that brand in my mind.   So many restaurants are so concerned with advertising and leather-bound menus that they forget the most imporant thing – the overall experience.  If you create an expectation, you need to deliver what you promise.  Want a good dining experience? Visit Crush 29 in Roseville, CA.  Clean, warm, welcoming and beautifully designed.  And that’s just the bathrooms.

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