The Week coverAs a busy CEO, marketer, volunteer, wife, new mom, etc., finding time to keep up on news, politics, trends, pop culture, best-selling books, art, wine and yes, even celebrity gossip, is difficult.  Enter The Week.  It’s “All you need to know about everything that matters.”  Okay, not quite, but it’s pretty close.  Given that we’re in the midst of a political showdown, it’s hard to keep up with both sides of the story.  The Week, however, provides just that.  It takes key issues and provides excerpts from media around the world and across both sides of the political aisle.  For busy execs, it just might be the digest of ‘everything that matters.’  If you’re an “I only get my news from the Net,” kind of person, trust me, you might just want to try this ‘old school’ reading.  This digest-version of what’s happening in the nation, and the world, is pretty good stuff.  As a marketer, I am all about online information, but let me tell you, magazines have not yet met their match (newspapers on the other hand are an entirely different story – more on that in another post).  Although we’d all like to be ‘connected’ 24/7, that’s simply not the case.  There is something real, nostalgic and literally tangible about a magazine.  It provides something the Internet cannot.  So, the next time you’re feeling a little out of the loop, pick up The Week, trust me, you’ll be hooked.  And no, I am not being paid to promote it.  Just sharing what I like, so enjoy!

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